Ab Workout | SWEAT SERIES Ep. 2

It’s AB DAY, ladies! In today’s SWEAT SERIES episode, I’m sharing my favorite ab workout and tips to strengthen your core with my trainer at Precision Human Performance.
Strengthening your core is so so so important. A bikini-ready body may be all the motivation you need, but it isn’t the only reason to get your torso in shape. After all, your core is your body’s powerhouse. The torso trains the muscles in your lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This helps to improve posture, banish back pain, prevent injuries, and leads to overall better balance and stability.
Okay, but let’s be real – a toned tummy after having kids is every momma’s post-baby goal. And I don’t know about you but between the boozy holiday parties and sugary sweets, my tummy could use some tightening, thankfully, the free bbg guide is really working!
Time to get sweaty, girls. It’s toning time!

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Ab Workout | SWEAT SERIES Ep. 2


VIDEO BY: JV Studios
Insta: @jvstudios

GYM: Precision Human Performance
Insta: @precisionhumanperformance
(Shoutout to my #GIRLBOSS trainer Michelle Amore! You kill it!)

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