Adventures in Guadalajara: Part 1

Destination: Guadalajara, Mexico

Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_12

Told ya I’ve been hauling my booty all over the world! It’s been a little over two weeks since our trip to Guadalajara, Mexico and just looking at the pictures makes me want a spicy Margarita all over again. But the best part was sharing the experience with some of Chicago’s most fabulous mamas + fashion influencers – all of which I consider dear friends: Jen, Erika, Helen, Corri, and Johanna.
We were selected by the wonderful team of Visit México to experience the part of Mexico most vacationers forget about – the REAL Mexico. Every day we were immersed in the culture and every day we embarked on a new adventure. Let me tell ya, the folks at Visit México didn’t miss a BEAT. Our itinerary was jam-packed with famous cafes, beautiful art tours, tequila shots (lol), and exploring the city.
Because there is so much ground to cover, there will be a few more posts following this one. So if you’re planning a trip to Mexico’s most fashionable city anytime soon, you’ll want to follow along!
Adventures in Guadalajara: Día Uno
Once we landed in Mexico (shoutout to Volaris for the fabulous travel accommodations!!!), we headed over to the luxurious Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara to check in and freshen up. But we were antsy to explore and soon headed out to our first destination: Lula Bistro.
Holy Crap. Unbelievable doesn’t even cover it. Visit México planned a private seven-course lunch for our little #squad and it was a palate-changing experience. Every plate was deliciously curated by the hands of Chef Darren Walsh – a flavor genius. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Chef Darren came out and explained every plated course – detailing every flavor, ingredient, and design. It was a full blown fiesta for our taste buds: delicious food, laughs with friends, and plenty of tequila shots.
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_5
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_4

Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_3

Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_2
The girls with Chef Darren + our waiter!!

Chef Darren – can you cook every meal for me??
Once we couldn’t possibly eat anymore (and had a bit of a buzz), it was time to explore the historical city of Guadalajara. Did I mention it’s the fashion capital of Mexico? AKA = fashionista heaven. The city was alive with culture. As we walked along the bustling cobble-stone streets, I knew I would be coming back one day. Except this time with gym shoes!
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_14

Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_6
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_9
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_15
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_1
I could have explored the little markets of the city square all day, but it was time to head back to the hotel and freshen up to dinner. Soon we were headed to iLatina for dinner and drinks. Although I was CERTAIN I would never be hungry again after our lunch, once I smelled the spicy grilled chicken tacos I was good to go for round 2. This little spot was a blast and the definition of a true Spanish experience. With a little mariachi band, palm-leaf wallpaper, bold colors, spicy margaritas, and chips + salsa, iLatina was a vibrant destination.
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_17
Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_7

Visit Mexico - Guadalajara Day 1 - Fashionaholic_13
After a few more tequila shots and some salsa dancing, we were ready to hit the hay. I don’t know about the other girls, but I dreamt of our lunch and made a mental note to wear a little more sunscreen lol.
BIG THANKS TO HELEN BERKUN for contributing some of her photos!

Stay tuned for Día Dos, babes!


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