Adventures in Guadalajara: Part 2

Destination: Guadalajara, Mexico

Fashionaholic - Guadalajara Part 2

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting Part 2 of my Guadalajara Adventures! Well now I can finally share it with you, babes. Before this trip, when I thought of Mexico I saw beach resorts and pool days. But this beautiful country has SO much more to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge beach bum. But Guadalajara was so alive with culture and energy – it was truly breathtaking.
After Day One, I was hooked. I honestly didn’t think it could get any better, but man was I sorely mistaken. We started off our second day with breakfast at Café Barra Café on top of our hotel, Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara. The rooftop view was magical. And getting to sip on my delicious caramel cappuccino made it that much better.
Fashionaholic - Guadalajara Part 2 -My Look

After we finished breakfast, we headed over to Jalisco, Mexico for a little pampering at Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa. Luxury doesn’t even begin to describe this resort. Known as the best spa resort in Mexico, Hacienda El Carmen is tucked away by the mountains and secluded by gorgeous trees. They hotel grounds are stunning. Picturesque views, lush greens, babbling ponds, on-ground horses, and acres of farm fields. PLUS they grow everything right there on the property so the food is unbelievably fresh and organic!
Fashionaholic - Guadalajara Part 2 - Lunch
Fashionaholic - Guadalajara Day 2 - Hacienda Del Carmen
I was fortunate enough to experience the relaxing holistic massage at the spa, which was designed to reduce stress – something I thought would never be possible for me. But I left feeling like a new women. Although the girls had to nearly drag me to the car because I never wanted to leave!
Fashionaholic - Guadalajara Part 2 - The Girls
That evening we went to dinner at Alcalde – voted the #1 restaurant in North America (!!!!) by Travel + Leisure.  So naturally I ate until I thought I couldn’t possibly eat anymore. The food was phenomenal. The “full” feeling quickly vanished once I heard we were going to this trendy lounge for a little GNO at Nativo (there’s always room for drinks, ladies). Located in the heart of Guadalajara’s party district, Nativo was nothing short of a good time. They made your drinks based off of your cocktail profile!
After a few cocktails, we were able to meet up with the young and brilliant handbag designer, Theresa! This girl was a blast. She spent the entire evening with us and gave us all our very own leather backpacks. Obviously, I now wear mine just about every chance I get.
Rooftop breakfasts, spa treatments, tequila cocktails, and a new leather backpack?! If that isn’t a fun-filled second day, then I don’t know what is!

Stay tuned for Día Tres, babes!

**A HUGE Thanks again to Helen Berkun for the fab photography!

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