Friday Five: August Style Trends

August means sunny beach days, warm summer nights and your last chance to rock those summer trends you have been seeing for the past couple months. These trends are easy, breezy and perfect for the last month of summer.
White on White
Monotone looks have been in for quite a while now and I don’t think they are going anywhere soon. We all know black is flattering, but white can be just as slimming and easy on the eyes. White jeans have been my summer staple for a while now and pairing them with a flowing white tank and grabbing a structured, light jacket seem easy enough for me!
Cat Eyes
If you know me, you know I absolutely adore sunglasses. I am always looking for the newest and cutest pair to add that extra something to my outfit. This summer season has brought the cat eye back to play. The shape has been in and out for a while now but it has always been one of my favorites.
Anklet Envy
Forget heavy bracelets and earrings in August and look towards dainty, delicate and gold anklets for the month. This new accessory is meant for summer and can’t be worn for much longer. Take advantage of this new way to wear some sparkle while your ankles are still being shown off with strappy sandals, slinky skirts and cropped denim.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic wearing Zara distressed jeans, Christian Louboutin gold pumps, and a Lana Jewelry ankle bracelet
Hydration Nation
The final month of summer always forces me to reflect on how I treated my skin in those hot sun rays. I always try to do my best with sunscreen and hats but sometimes it’s just not enough. That is why I need hydrating and repairing skin products in August. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a trend as much as it is a necessity!
Leah Chavie Skincare Line
My Adidas
Adidas have made their comeback and I cannot wait to strut around in my Adidas once again. They are casual, cute and comfortable, perfect for a sunset stroll or weekend errands. Even better, they can transition effortlessly into fall.
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