Back-To-School in Style

It’s that time of the year again: back-to-school! If you have little ones like me, chances are you’ve already sent them off (holding back tears) with enough supplies to last until college. But what about moms?! Between carpooling to dance class and cheering on soccer games, us on-the-go mommas need to take advantage of back-to-school shopping to stock up on our own must-haves.
So since shopping is my forte, I’ve put together a list of essentials that will keep you stylish and fueled all year long.


With all of the activities my kids are in, I swear they might have a better social life than I do! Between tutoring and little league, I can hardly keep track of it all. Which is why I write everything down in a planner to keep it all organized. Don’t get me wrong, I still put everything in my iPhone calendar, but I think it’s still nice to have it written down!
Kate Spade Cameron Street Planner - courtesy of

Eye Cream/Concentrate

Eye cream is like coffee for your face. It lightens dark circles and diminishes wrinkles leaving the skin around your eyes rejuvenated and refreshed. For on-the-go moms, this stuff is like a miracle worker. Put some on quickly in the morning and voila – no more bags!
Editor’s note: Don’t worry, I still drink coffee too!
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Cream - photo courtesy of

Baseball Hat

Sometimes a cute hairdo just isn’t going to happen in the morning. Getting your kids out the door is hard enough as it is, let alone trying to get yourself out the door looking presentable? Nearly impossible. To this I say: thank goodness for the trendy baseball hat! Whether it’s a smooth suede, chic leather, or vintage canvas, the baseball hat is the perfect trendy accessory for stylish moms on the go.

Brow Filler

If we have learned anything from our beloved beauty and fashion icons over the last year, it’s that eyebrows are VERY important. While we obviously don’t want a unibrow, we do want thick, lucious brows with a little oomph of color that shape your face. Glossier says that there are three things to do before heading out into the world: “brush your teeth, brush your brows, and then maybe brush your hair.”
Glossier Boy Brow - photo courtesy of

Portable Charger

Considering technology has quite literally taken over our lives, you would think that someone would have made the iPhone battery last longer than a few hours. But until that digital breakthrough happens, portable phone chargers will have to do. Keep one of these little guys in your purse and you’ll be good all day! They even come in cute patterns and sizes. 
Sonix Ruby Rose Portable Charger - photo courtesy of

Dry Shampoo

Can you even remember a time before dry shampoo? Aerosol cans, powder shakers, and oil-sopping (yes, oil) have become the answer to every girl’s bad hair day. Bed head? Dry shampoo. Need a little volume? Dry shampoo. Didn’t have time to shower? Dry shampoo!
Quite simply – dry shampoo, we love you!
Dry Bar Dry Shampoo - photos courtesy of

Lip Plumper

I’m telling you, a little lip gloss + plumper can go a long way. This Leah Chavie lip plumper brings out the natural rosy-pink tint in your lips and really adds a nice touch to your look.

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