The Secret to Finding The Best Lip Color For Your Skin

Spring is finally on it’s way, which is the perfect excuse to revamp your makeup look! Picking up a fresh lip color is my favorite way to transition into a new season. But sometimes I feel like finding the perfect lip shade for your skin tone is exhausting. The monologue that goes on inside my head sounds a little something like this: “OMG way too red. Why does this look magenta on me? This is identical to the one I already own. Okay, not sure if nude is my thing. I look like a vampire. I actually don’t hate this one!”
The amount of lipstick brands and the selection of shades is seriously overwhelming… unless you know what shade types you should be looking for that will flatter your complexion!

Classifying Undertones:

  • Cool: Hints of blue, pink, or red.
  • Warm: Hints of yellow, olive, or golden.
  • Neutral: An in between shade on the spectrum!

Aren’t sure which skin undertone is yours? I have a few tricks to help you identify it!

Trick #1: Look at your wrist

Look at the underside of your wrist to where your veins are visible. If your veins appear bluish or deep purple then you have cool, pink undertones to your skin. If your veins appear slightly green, you have warm, yellow undertones. If the veins on your wrist look blue and green, then you have what is considered a neutral undertone.

Trick #2: Grab your jewelry

Grab a piece of gold and silver jewelry. If you feel that your skin looks better with silver jewelry, then you typically have a pink, or cool undertone. If you feel like gold jewelry suits you best, then you most certainly have a warm, yellow undertone. If silver and gold both look great, then you have a neutral undertone!

Trick #3: Recognize your relationship with the sun:

If your skin burns when it is exposed to the sun and you rarely tan, then you more than likely have a cool skin tone. People who tan very easily and rarely burn have warm undertones.

Choosing the Right Shade:

Cool Undertones: Cool Skin, Cool Colors!
Reds and pinks with bluish tints look absolutely gorgeous on you. If your lips are the color of red wine, then you’re doing something right 😉
Try: M.A.C. Ruby Woo +Yves Saint Laurent Fuchsia

Warm Undertones: Warm Skin, Warm Colors!
Rock that true red lip girl! Any red or orange-y shade looks fab on you.
Try: M.A.C. Dangerous + Charlotte Tilbury Lost Cherry

Neutral Undertones: 50 Shades of Anything
You’re #blessed and can look fab in just about any shade. Berries, pink, red, plum, black, orange – you name it. Experiment and let us warm and cool undertone girls live vicariously through you!
Try: Tom Ford Pink Tease + Bite Beauty Meringue

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  1. nat says:

    Great tips!! I’ll definitely keep them in mind next time I go lipstick hunting

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