Decor Inspiration: The Best of Kitchens

If I spent nearly as much time reading as I do on Pinterest, I would be a genius. Kidding – kinda. But seriously, life would be so much better as a walking Pinterest board! While I’m always a huge design junkie, I’ve actually been scrolling through interior design pins and boards a little more than usual for a secret project I can’t wait to share with you guys! In due time my friends… 😉
There are obviously so many different areas of interior design, but I’d have to say my infatuation of the moment is kitchens. Kitchens are undeniably the heart of every home. It’s where the family gathers each night to shares meals and memories. Some of my favorite memories growing up are in the kitchen with my mom. They are ones I’ll cherish forever. And I hope my little ones will be able to say the same!
With that being said, we obviously want our kitchen decor to be equally as memorable! I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favorite kitchen decor inspiration and a few key essentials.

My Kitchen Decor Inspiration

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