Design Diaries: Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors

My loves, I have been working on a top secret series for the blog and I am so excited I just can’t contain it anymore. As you know, I’ve been on a huge home decor and design kick lately. I’m pretty sure I’ve been spending more time on¬†Pinterest than actually working! But I promise it’s for good reason!
Introducing: Design Diaries! I have had the chance to sit down and chat with some of Chicago’s most influential (and absolutely FABULOUS) interior designers. They are the definition of #BossBabes and I am so honored to feature them on the blog. Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring a series of designers from extremely different backgrounds and specialties. Their spaces speak volumes.
My first feature is with Anita Lisek of Noah Properties and Lisek Interiors. A truly beautiful person inside and out, Anita has the talent to bring any room to life. It was such a pleasure to get to know her – I can’t wait for you all to see her work!! Enjoy my interview with her ūüôā xo

Anita Lisek

Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries
1. How did you initially get into the interior design business?
My husband has always been passionate about the construction and development industry. So when we started our company,¬†Noah Properties, we oversaw everything from start to finish. I soon began realizing that in fact what makes a house a home, isn’t the physical foundation, but those finishing touches. Every paint color, floor stain, light fixture, and carpet choice made a difference.
2. Where do you seek inspiration from if you ever feel like you are in a creative rut?
Some days, it really feels like I’ve hit a creative¬†concrete wall. I can sit in my office for hours just staring at the material in front of me and nothing will pop in my head. But for whatever reason when I find a cool light fixture or beautiful tile, the wheels start turning and something in my head just clicks. From those two pieces, I can create the look of an entire home within just a few hours. Getting ridiculously excited about light fixtures and tiles might sound silly, but I swear they’re like drugs.¬†
3. How would you describe your personal/signature style when it comes to designing homes?
I would say I really go for a Transitional Style for my designs. I think there is so much more room to grow and¬†experiment¬†by combining traditional and contemporary. Every home should have it’s own personality, it’s own character.
I love mixing styles together and I am¬†definitely not afraid of using different materials or interesting light fixtures. They may look odd individually, but when it is all put together it creates that ‘WOW’ effect from our clients (or Noah Followers as I like to call them). As an interior designer, knowing that your client is as thrilled with the result as you are is the best feeling and honor in the world.
Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries Living Room
4. Do you have a specific home that you have designed that became your favorite project?
All of them! It’s crazy¬†because I have done so many spec homes in Chicago over the last ten years. Sometimes it actually blows my mind! But I¬†treat every single project as if it was for my own home. No matter what the budget is, I just do my thing. At the end stage, I can walk in there and not look at it as a ‘finished product’ but as home. If I can walk in and say ‘Yes, this definitely feels like home,’ I know I’ve done my job.

5. Are there any brands that you consistently use the you are designing homes?
Yes,¬†Jonathan Adler is my Kryptonite. I love him I love his work. I love his style. His work just radiates positive energy and happiness. Every piece makes me feel that love and joy – and that’s what I’m all about.So yes, in just about any of my projects you’ll find at least 2 of his pieces!
6. Do you have any tips for Chicagoans transitioning their home into spring or trying to freshen up their look?
Don’t be afraid to use color. Golds, brass, teals, mix everything together. If a color makes you happy, USE IT!! One of my¬†favorite combos right now is Chrome or polished¬†nickel mixed with brass and gold tones. It creates the most beautiful result. If you can’t tell, I get really excited over this stuff!!
Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries Bedroom
7. Are there any decor trends that you are seeing and loving for 2017?
Brass hardware with black trims in bathrooms… I’m obsessed. I started using them in some of my projects and I think I developed a minor addiction!!
The black bathroom trims with gold hardware on one of the projects we are almost finished with, are SICK!! I walk into it and want to move in strictly for the bathroom. Whenever I get home, all I want to do is change all my faucets to matte black and trim!
8. Do you have any quick tips for homeowners wanting to reorganize their spaces, but in a stylish way?
I always say to switch things up in your¬†home¬†every 4-6 months. Even if it’s the littlest thing, making small changes makes room for inspiration and growth. Get new coffee table books, new picture frames, or new wall art or floor lamp. Sometimes just a new end table will transform a room!
Do not just furnish your home and think you’re done – no, it doesn’t work that way! It’s like a person – we change our styles and looks to reflect different stages in our life. Your home needs the same thing!
Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries Inspiration
9. What would your dream home look like?
OMG! I see a LOT of windows!! Windows everywhere with unbelievable window treatments and drapes. A massive kitchen with a huge marble island for the family to gather. Art and family pictures would be covering the walls. Definitely a lot of brass gold tones mixed with warm beige and grays. That way I can add pops of color in tiles, furniture, throw pillows, etc.
I just realized that I’m basically describing the home I live in now! Except my dream home would have a basketball court with a gorgeous pool and a cool gym to work out at home. Oh and a much MUCH bigger closet (obviously)!! My hubby took most of mine, of course! If I had it my way, our dream home would have two unbelievable master closets so I could have my own!
Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries Family Room
10. Are there any decor tips that everyone should know?
If you are looking for great decorative¬†pieces, go look at TJ Maxx Home Goods!! You can find some¬†absolutely amazing pieces at such an affordable price. There are some things you can’t save money on, ¬†don’t break your back over the little knick knacks! Some of my favorite decor pieces that are normally $75 or higher, I bought for $15 at¬†Home Goods. Go to Home Goods!!
Anita Lisek of Lisek Interiors - Fashionaholic Design Diaries Family
Photography: Simply by Suzy

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