My Dream Closet With Inspired Closets

If you haven’t dreamt of a closet the size of your bedroom complete with a lush velvet ottoman, a full-length mirror with lights around it, and a whole wall dedicated to your shoes – then you’re kidding yourself. Because for as long as I could remember, that’s all I wanted. Well of course I wanted kids and a husband, but #priorities! (Kidding of course, I hope you can all understand my humor by now.
I have always had a love-hate relationship with my closets. On the one hand, it’s the home to my wardrobe (aka my most prized possession). But after one hour of trying to figure out to wear, my closet resembles that of a hoarder’s basement. It literally looks like a tornado hit only one room of my house. Until I found the answer to my prayers: Inspired Closets. Located in Oak Brook, Inspired Closets takes your drab, unorganized closet and turns it into a sanctuary worthy of Louboutin and Chanel.The best part? They replace your disorganized, stressful space with an organized inspired one in just four steps. Yep, that’s right. The process includes:

  1. Consultation: All they really need is a great conversation to begin! Their team of expert designers know what questions to ask in order to design a closet that is both functional and beautiful. Their team members will capture a detailed inventory of your belongings using the Studio Design Tool. You don’t have to have everything figured out before they begin – their team knows what questions to ask to ensure they design and build a closet you will love.
  2. Design: In this step, one of the Inspired Closets design consultants shares ideas and guidance based on professional experience and works with you one-on-one to discuss options and answer questions. Throughout the process, their designer will provide guidance based on his or her professional experience and use a proprietary Studio Design Tool allowing you to see a 3D rendering of the design electronically before it’s installed to make sure you’re confident and happy with the designs you’ve selected.
  3. Home Preparation: Leave everything to them. Their expert build team will handle all necessary preparation – from taking down your existing closet to prepping the walls and flooring for the new installation. In order to minimize any disruptions this may bring, they’ll even supply you with temporary garment racks and storage bins to help you stay organized during installation. Most of their installations take only a few days!
  4. Installation: Your closet will be installed by a highly trained closet build team who will treat your property like it’s their own and take necessary precautions to protect your existing walls, carpet and floors. At the close of the project, our team will thoroughly clean the area and make any paint touchups needed. After that, your new closet can be enjoyed immediately!

All that is left for you to do is Love Your Closet!
Inspired Closets has seriously hooks it up. They offer over 27 different wood finishes and design a layout that reflects your style, needs, and space. Plus, they created a way to store your boots. YOUR BOOTS. Say goodbye to creases in your suede over the knee Stuart Weitzman’s. If you aren’t sold, just look at how I styled my #inspiredcloset and see if that changes your mind!
Literally the Holy Grail of closets, babes.
Inspired Closets - Fashionaholic
Inspired Closets - Fashionaholic - 3
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Inspired Closets - Fashionaholic - 6

Inspired Closets - Fashionaholic - 9
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To find out more about Inspired Closets visit their website at + you’ll feel like this when they’re done:

*This is a sponsored post by Inspired Closets. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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