Fine Jewelry For The Fall

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is no longer taking a backseat, and fine jewelry is taking over for this fall. It is headlining outfits and becoming the main attraction! I love accessories with bold statement necklaces, bracelets, and broaches but now more than ever the layering of fine, sophisticated jewelry is taking center stage. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite designers and pieces I will be rocking all season long.
1. Jennifer Fisher has been taking New York by storm, and creates custom pieces tailored to your personal style. For me, I feel as if I can take my outfit to a new level with her edgy designs. I am also in love with her “Build Your Necklace” that are great for personalized gifts.

Jennifer Fisher Ring
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2. Dana Rebecca Designs are another one of my personal favorites when it comes to fine jewelry. I adore the details, which go into each and every piece. For me, I love the Lindsay Allison 5-tiered crescent drop earring that truly bring an outfit to life.
Dana Rebecca Earring
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3. For an edgier vibe, Jacquie Aiche has been making headlines for their bold pieces and body jewelry. Rihanna was one of the firsts to rock this look, and the trend has been growing in popularity since. Now, body chains can be worn over tees and tanks not just with swimwear. I love how they incorporate fine jewelry with exquisite stones for a truly show-stopping look, like this Outward Trinity Body Chain.
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  1. Jordan says:

    So beautiful! I am loving that ring. Can’t wait for fall, it’s always my favorite season!

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