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Gigi Hadid is the new IT girl in the modeling world, and I wanted to share how you can channel her style. The tall exotic blonde learned from an early age that minimal pieces with architectural cuts and interesting details make for the best wardrobe staples. Did she learn this as a Guess girl, or walking the catwalks of Milan? No, she learned it from her gorgeous Dutch model mum, Yolanda Foster.
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Channelling Gigi’s style requires lots of head to toe black, which most of us have a bit of in our wardrobe. Grab a sleek layer of black: pants, shirt, shoes, bag, and glasses from your wardrobe.
Next up you’ll want to grab a fun piece with some movement (Gigi favors vests, scarves, and the draped over the shoulder jacket look for a bit of movement). Her aesthetic is sleek, and she favors black skinny jeans, cigarette pants, solid black leggings, and fitted shorts. She also favors shoes of the bootie or ankle boot variety that is very sleek and fitted to the foot without much embelishment. Gigi’s M.O. is sleek and smooth from the waist down to create a long, lean, runway model look.
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When Gigi isn’t dressing in her trademark classic meets edgy or boho luxe look she can be seen in very minimalist and polished pantsuits and jumpsuits.
In order to get the look, I combined a high waisted Zara trouser in a thick and structured fabric with a thick knit tank. They key to the look is to keep the hair sleek
and avoid accessories or jewelry. Makeup should be in nude and light rose shades in keeping with the sleek look. When replicating Gigi’s look, be sure to stock your wardrobe with
leather, suede, and knit pieces in white, nude, camel, and black. Keep pants high waisted and sleek, to elongate the body. Footwear should be minimalistic, close to the foot, and match your pants.
Shirts and tops are always in interesting cuts with cutouts, or interesting architecture. Top with a jacket or vest in leather, suede, or feathers.
Mischaela Advani Gigi Style Gig Hadid Red Carpet
Here is your Gigi style checklist:
1. Plain fitted tees in white and black
2. Booties in suede or leather, one black, one camel or brown
3. Black leggings
4. Black skinny pants
5. Black leather jacket
4. White and black dress pants in a fitted but loose gradual wide leg
6. Black vegan leather, leather, or black waxed jeans for the wet look
7. Fitted black blazer
8. Black carryall bag in a miminal but roomy design
9. Black scarf for tying together all black outfits
10. Crop tops in white, black, nude shades.
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