Holiday in the Sun: How To Pack Like A Pro

Packing for a family vacation might be the most stressful task ever. How in the world are you supposed to squeeze everything you’ll need in one bag AND make it less than 50 pounds?! Sometimes I seriously have nightmares about it. Don’t get me wrong, a family holiday in the sun sounds absolutely glorious. But try packing for the whole fam and you might just lose your mind.
However, after many years of experimenting how many shoes I can fit in my suitcase, I’ve become a pro. My packing technique has really stood the test of time (and space). Luckily for you, I’ve shared my packing tips and tricks in my latest Youtube video! Check out my How To: Pack Like a Pro for Your Family Vacation, I swear it might change your life – or at least save your sanity!
**MOM TIP: Always, ALWAYS pack a bathing suit and outfit for each family member in your carry on. You never know what might happen to your luggage!

How To: Pack Like a Pro


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