So excited about this collaboration with Ivy Revel! Fresh out of a high-tech fashion lab in Sweden comes the brand IVYREVEL, ideal for the digital women. Proudly one of the first brands of its kind, all of their designs are done digitally and aim to merge creativity and technology. They design garments on cutting edge machines based on evolving trends through special algorithms. This gives them the ability to be at the forefront of the continuously changing fashion market. And, what is the perfect piece to start with? The BodyCon Amber Dress!
This Amber Dress is so versatile, and it has been a go-to style for a night on the town for years now. With this piece, the soft floral designs makes it easy to transform into an everyday outfit, too! It flaunts sex appeal, without revealing anything too drastic.  I chose to compliment the dress with electric blue clean and timeless Joie Olivia suede over-the-knee boots in Sapphire to create a truly refined and cohesive look. Also, by adding a heavily detailed, studded leather vintage Burberry jacket, it gives the outfit some edge to counter-balance the form-fitting cut of the dress.
BodyCon dresses are one of the easiest to style, you can keep building and adding on, until you get the perfect look desired. The way I chose to style it with so much texture and bold patterns, I kept the accessories to a minimum (minus a pair of sleek silver earrings.) I can’t wait to see more from IVYREVEL, so far, I must say I’m impressed!
Burberry Spiked leather Moto Ivy Revel Coral Blue Floral Dress Ivy Revel Collaboration Look


  1. Maggie says:

    This is SO fierce!! Wow! I love it!

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