Jump On The Jumpsuit Trend

The jumpsuit: a delightfully chic solution to all of our lazy day problems.
Jumpsuit, overalls, playsuit, onesie, you name it – this trend has made a resurgence from the past and it’s time to hop on the band wagon. With all of these 70’s styles making a comeback, a groovy jumpsuit is only fitting. But designers have taken the neon spandex  faux pas and transformed it into pure fashion-forward elegance.
Not only is the playsuit a season must-have, but it’s also a perfect piece year-round. This adorable pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim Overalls are my current favorite. The silhouette is elongating to just about any body type! The convertible-ankle allows you to cinch the cuffs or let them flare out depending on the look you’re going for.  Slip these on over a tight turtleneck body suit for the winter or cool off with an off-the shoulder crop top  in the spring.
For a sexy and sophisticated look, I opted for a vintage-inspired Alexis blouse. With the subtle Victorian ruffle collar + dramatic flounce cuffs, this French lace tops adds delicate femininity to this jumpsuit. Since the lace-overalls combo already makes a statement, I decided on a more structured Hermes Birkin Bag. Smooth black leather and gold hardware in a trapeze style is a perfect everyday bag.
Since I wanted to wear a classic and sensible heel, naturally, I gravitated towards my gold Gucci loafers. Not only are they comfortable, but also undeniably chic! To finish it off, I slipped on my oversized Fendi sunglasses to complete this look.

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