Kristin Cavallari Talks Laguna Beach, Life with Jay Cutler + Chicago

It’s a two-in-one kinda day! But this second post is so worth it. I met Kristin Cavallari last week and she is absolutely adorable. The former reality star and mother of three made a special appearance at Luxury Garage Sale to promote her Cali-inspired jewelry line, Emerald + Duv, and newly released book, Balancing in Heels.
Luckily, I had the honor of catching up with Laguna native and talk motherhood, life with hubby + Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler, and what plans she has next. Kristin carries herself with such class – she is an absolute doll and total girl boss!
Check out my interview with Kristin below for her more scoop on Laguna Beach and find out what her go-to diaper bag is 😉

JANET MANDELL: How did you think of your daughters name, Saylor? We love that name! It’s so cute!
KRISTIN CAVALLARI: It’s really random, I was in a baby store downtown when I was pregnant with my first son, Camden. The owner of the shop had a dog named Saylor and she told me that she always wanted to name her little girl Saylor but she never had a daughter. So I held on to it for the last 4 years and was finally able to use it!
JM: So, you already had two boys, and you decided to have a third. Were you hoping it was going to be a girl or did you just want a third baby?
KC: You know what, yes. I obviously wanted a girl. Actually, what I always wanted was two boys and a girl. Honestly, until Saylor was born I didn’t even believe she was a girl. Even though we saw the ultra sounds and I had the blood test. I just didn’t believe I could get that lucky. The first thing I said when she was born was; is she really a girl!?
JM: So you fly back and forth from LA to here to work on your shoe line, how do you manage that with your busy schedule and the kids?
KC: I actually live here full time! I do have a shoe line and jewelry line but I am able to work on them from here! I do go to LA once every 2 months or so but we’re here full time! My mom is only 40 minutes from me and I have made a lot of great mom friends. I love it. We’re homebodies and my husband and I really like having a slower paced life. My life is crazy, so when I’m not doing work stuff I just want to be in my sweats, I don’t want to think twice about it!
JM: You just want to be with your family?
KC: Yeah! But I still meet my girlfriends for drinks, we take Uber, you can still do all of that. There’s really great restaurants in the burbs now too.
JM: So, you have literally built an empire. You have three kids, you’re under 30, married to a Bears player, you have a shoe line, you’re launching your book.. What’s your next big goal!?
KC: Aw, thank you. Well, I am working on a cookbook right now, so I’m in the middle of that which is a lot of fun! Then, I want to produce a reality show! So i’ve had a few pilots that haven’t made it to series. I’m currently working on a couple. I’ve always kind of had my fingers in it. But, nothing has actually made it yet. So, my long term plan is to actually get a show on air.
JM: That’s great, congratulations!
KC: Thanks!
JM: I have a random question that just came to me – I used to watch the Hills, but how did you like the experience on the Hills versus Laguna Beach?  
KC: They were very different. Laguna Beach was more “this is my boyfriend, this is my life, this is what I’m doing” and they were coming in and sort of manipulating situations and putting us in situations to push our buttons. I felt very used in that situation.
JM: And you were younger!
KC: I was 17! That’s the other thing, we didn’t know. I was so young. But The Hills, when I decided to come on, I thought, OK. This is my job. I’m going to separate the two so that the lines don’t get blurry. That is my work life, my work boyfriend or whatever it may be and I’m going to have my friends and who I am dating completely separate. So then, it was just fun!! The Hills was more enjoyable in that sense.
JM: So do you feel like the two reality shows have been positive for you? Do you feel like you learned a lot? Do you regret it at all? Would you do another?
KC: So! Yes. I am so thankful for both of them. I don’t regret anything because they’ve ultimately made me who I am today. I learned a lot from them but I also think it had a lot to do with just, growing up in general. So, I think I learned a lot of the same things that probably any other girl would learn now that I look back on my younger years. I obviously had to do it in the public eye, so everyone saw what I had to reflect on. But, I would never do a reality show about my family. Jay would never either.
KC: [Jay is] extremely private. I would never put my kids on reality TV. I want them to have the most normal of a life as possible. I want them just to be kids. You know, when they’re 18, if they want to do one, fine. I can’t stop them. But, I would do a reality show about my businesses, or that type of stuff. Is that interesting enough? I don’t know. So, If I went back to reality TV it would have to be good. That’s all I know.
JM: So, how long to you think you’ll live in Chicago? Do you love Chicago?
KC: I do love Chicago, and my mom is here! As long as Jay is here, we are here. But we love being here! I just recently said to him that I would honestly stay for the schools. The schools are so good! Plus, I’ve made such great friends here. I feel like we’re really settled now!
JM: One more thing, you used to carry my diaper bag line, Mia Bossi, I don’t know if you still do!
KC: The polka dot one? That’s the only diaper bag I’ve ever used.
JM: I’m so happy that you carry it, thank you so much!
KC: Thank YOU! I’t so cute!
JM: You’re so cute with it!
KC: Aw! Thank you! I’m so glad I met you!



Check out Emerald + Duv and Kristin’s book, Balancing in Heels, today! xo


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