Let It Glow: Holiday Glitter Makeup

Glitter makeup has made a big return to the fashion world. Once a faux pas, the beauty trend hit the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 in designer shows like Burberry, Kenzo, and Giambattista Valli, for a triumphant comeback. C’mon – grown up glitter makeup? The 7-year old inside of me is seriously jumping for joy!!
People may argue that there is no appropriate time to wear glitter after the age 15. And to them I say – #byefelicia. Because if Fashion Week says its ok, then I am totally on board. I agree that a poorly executed glitter makeup experiment could end up looking like an 80’s Bob Mackie evening gown a la Cher. However, a subtle shimmer can really upgrade your holiday look to make you shine at all of your upcoming holiday parties!
The key is to know what you’re doing. So indulge your former 7-year old self and check out these 4 subtle ways to incorporate a little sparkle into your holiday look. She’ll love you! 😉

Twinkle in Her Eyes: Inner Twinkle

Rather than applying sparkles to your eyelids like a pre-teen who just discovered charcoal eyeliner, tone it down a notch and opt for the inner-eye glitter look. This trick draws attention to your eyes without overdoing it. We’re always told that using a lighter shadow in the inner corners makes our eyes appear wider, so why not enhance it with a little glitter?

  1. Apply a makeup adhesive to the inner corners of your top lids and inner bottom eyelashes so you are making a semi circle around the eye – or wherever you want the glitter to stick
  2. With a small and compact shadow brush, apply the glitter to the adhesive and push so it sticks
  3. When applying glitter, I like to go for an ombre look so the farther away from the corner the lighter the glitter should be scattered
  4. Since we want the inner glitter to be the highlight, simply add a light layer of a taupe eyeshadow for more texture

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Traced with Stardust: Stardust Liner

So you want to add a little shimmer without disturbing your #flawless cat eye. You know the inner glitter is out of the question in fear it will distract from the winged eyeliner that took two hours to perfect. This is where the twinkle liner comes in.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29.com
Photo courtesy of Refinery29.com

  1. Create the perfect cat-eye; need a tutorial? Go to my previous post “Vanity Diaries: The Korean Kat Eye” for step-by-step instructions to master the art of the ~winged liner~
  2. Grab your favorite glitter eyeliner and sweep it under your bottom lashes from the inner to outer corner
  3. Gently drag your glitter eyeliner underneath the wing to draw attention
  4. LOAD up the mascara!

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Illuminate Yourself: Shimmer Illuminator

These days we’re all about the contouring and sandbagging, yada yada yada. But if you’re pressed for time, a little highlighter can go a LONG way. If you haven’t used a highlighter before, it may take a few tries before you finally figure out which areas are your face to well, highlight. But once you do, this will take 3 minutes flat.

  1. Once you have completed your initial face makeup (i.e. primer, coverup, foundation, bronzer, blush etc.) use an illuminating stick or liquid and blend along your cheekbones and around the outer corner of your eyes. You want this to seamlessly blend with the rest of your makeup so it looks like you have a natural dewy glow
  2. Softly sweep on a shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow (the eyeshadow should be similar to your skin tone!) with a brush
  3. Blend with a powder brush

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Pucker Up: Glitter Lips

My last tip to adding a little shimmer to your look will definitely attract your mistletoe contenders. The holidays are always about bold lips. So why not gloss it up a bit? Since glitter is a naturally light-reflecting, it will act as a highlighter drawing attention to those luscious lips.

  1. Apply a matte lip stick or lip pencil. You want it to be semi-matte so that the glitter sticks
  2. Press glitter all the way around, but focus on the center!

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Now get to glittering, my loves and make that 7-year old you proud!

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