Pucker Up: Lipsticks That Stay

Janet Mandell Fashionaholic Lipsticks

The time to make your last-minute Valentine’s Day plans is now! Make sure to get those restaurant reservations in check.  There is so much excitement surrounding the day of love.  With all the hugs and kisses to go around, you know I will be sporting one of my favorite long wear lipsticks.  But stressing over whether or not my lipstick is holding up isn’t ideal. So, that is where the perfect long wear shade comes into play.

Whether you’re into a classic red lip or a soft pink tint, I promise there is a long lasting shade out there for you. And guess what – because the demand for long wear lipsticks is high, you will have shade options for every season.  I know that finding the perfect formula can sometimes be daunting.  That’s why I’ve put together a few of my absolute favorites that put the “stick” in lipstick!

Fashionaholic Lipsticks

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