#ManiMood: Fall Nail Colors

Nothing says fall like new seasonal nail polish colors! Honestly, aside from oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and wide-brim hats, the fall nail colors might be my favorite seasonal trend. Nail polish isn’t just a way to switch up your outfit. The shade can also say a lot about your mood or personality.
Nails are the ultimate accessory: color, shape and length can be tailored to your look and inspire your personal brand. Top companies flood us with an overwhelming amount of options each season, making it hard to decipher which shade is for you. Which is why I have made a list of the top fall shades to rock to reflect your #ManiMood!

Timeless Taupe

Understated, but up-to-date with the trends the taupe shade is for the fashion stylista in you. Maybe you have an interview or a first date. You are feeling nervous, but above all you want to be taken seriously without coming across boring. Taupe is effortlessly cool and will reflect that you are authentic, honest and timeless.
Smith & Cult Nail Polish in The Graduate, $18 bloomingdales.com.

Red Hot Red

For some reason, a classic red apple shade just screams classy-Marilyn-Monroe-lust to me. Maybe you’ve got your eyes on the cute bartender or it’s date night with your hubby, regardless the classic rogue is perfect for a sexy night.
Butter London Nail Lacquer in Ladybird, $15 nordstrom.com.

More Melot, Please

Today you woke up, put on your white hat and said, “I am a gladiator, damnit!” This rich merlot shade is for an Olivia Pope kind of day. You handle any challenge thrown at you with sophistication and grace while balancing a wine glass in your hand. You are feeling like the powerful independent woman you are and nothing is going to stop you.
OPI Nail Polish in We The Female, $9.50 ultabeauty.com.

Positive Plum

Creative, compassionate and feminine, you are feeling light on your feet. Derived from energetic red and calming blue, the plum shade is if you’re feeling like a day dream believer. You are ambitious and idealistic, but know that anything is possible if you shoot for the stars.
Essie Nail Polish in Kimono-Over, $8.99 target.com.

Mysterious Metallic

Metallic is a hard shade to decipher. You are feeling edgy and fearless, but also crave  charisma and luxury in your life. You are an iron maiden who will save herself from her own tower (while wearing stilettos), thank you very much. Metallic is for the lady who doesn’t need Prince Charming, despite having an appreciation for romance (and drama). Basically, rock this shade for some serious girl power moves.
Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer in Miss Mars, $50 sephora.com

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