Mom Tips From The Dope Ass Mom

If laughter is the best medicine, then Andrea Levoff‘s Dope Ass Mom Web Series will absolutely cure you of your #HumpDay blues. Parenting is a beautiful thing. We are molding our children’s lives and creating an environment in which they can flourish. However, molding the lives of your kids can be difficult when you’re on the verge of a MBD (mental break down) in fear that the Dora the Explorer theme song will never stop replaying in your head. On these days, it’s easier to throw in the towel, pour yourself a tall glass of Pinot Grigio and bribe them with a box of cookies.
Mother of two, token funny girl, dear friend, Andrea truly captures the unspoken and un-scripted narrative of parenthood. From potty training business to putting your kids to bed, Andrea’s wildly hysterical (and relatable) ‘Mom Tips’ will keep you laughing all Hump Day long.

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