My Dream Influencer Conference

The fashion blogger community is unlike any other – each individual has a different outlook on style and a different story to tell. And it’s not just their impeccable fashion sense that people are drawn to. It’s their vulnerability and connection they feel to their audience. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the country’s most beloved bloggers. Not only are they my ‘colleagues,’ they are my my mentors and my friends. These women encapsulate the meaning of elegance. While they are stunning human beings, their true beauty shines from within.
But of course there are still some I have yet to meet. The ones I look to for inspiration and guidance. The ones that have millions of followers, but remain humble despite how much they worked their ass off to get there. These are the ones I would like to meet.
Inspired by this realization, I looked to Eventbrite‘s online registration page, the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events, to see if there were any upcoming blogger panels in my area. And ever since, I can’t stop thinking about what my perfect influencer conference would look like. I had so much fun mapping the entire event out in my head, that I had to share.

Get The London Look: Location

In choosing the location, I wanted to choose somewhere different. New York and LA seemed too mainstream. Besides, this is my dream ;). After looking into it a bit, the answer seemed so clear: London. An epicenter for European styles, London is home to some of the most fabulous and eccentric fashionistas in the world. Once I chose a city, The London EDITION was the first hotel that came to mind. A boutique hotel in the heart of Soho London, The London is simply stunning. Not only is the building itself absolutely iconic, but the hotel in general is just stunning.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic The London EDITION
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic The London EDITION
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic The London EDITION

Meet The Panel

Trying to decide which bloggers would sit on the panel was probably the hardest to narrow down. In a perfect world, each and every blogger would sit on the panel and I would be able to talk to them for 900 hours. But that’s too long even for a dream conference. So I knocked my list down to five. Mostly because I have been following these ladies for years. They are the ones who inspired me to start my own blog and gave me the confidence to boldly be myself.

Q & A Time

Before I dive into the questions, we need to talk moderator. The moderator can make or break a conference. The individual has to be candid, personable and intuitive, while also paying attention to the panel’s answers. Maybe it was because I was in the middle of watching La La Land on the plane or because her infectious personality, but Emma Stone was the first person who came to mind. Seriously – she’s perfect!
Coming up with the questions was a bit trickier. I have a few questions I know for sure I would ask them, but I would want to leave a lot of the conference open for discussion. These women have so much to share!

  • How did you start blogging?
  • What resources do you use on a daily basis? (to edit images, track followers, etc.)
  • What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
  • What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
  • How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
  • How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?
  • When you are experiencing writer’s block, what inspires you?
  • What advice would you give to your reader’s who want to start blogging?

My fellow bloggers – I challenge you to conjure up your dream influencer conference. Who would sit on the panel? Where would it be? What questions would you ask? Who would moderate? Outline the event from start to finish in a blog post and get those creative juices flowing. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.
Thanks for the inspiration Eventbrite!

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