My Favorite Face Masks: Beauty Counter

Face masks are the go-to shortcut for hitting the reset button on life. Skin can reveal a lot about a person. Stressed? Nasty breakouts in the T-Zone. Haven’t slept in 3 days? Dull skin and dark under-eye circles. Went a little too hard at Parent’s Game Night? Puffy. Just everywhere. But by the graces of god, we are #blessed with face masks that can literally erase those little tell-alls and last night’s indiscretions. Well, most of them! Apply it, leave it on for 15 minutes, wash it off and feel the weight lift off your shoulder – er, face.
But there are SO many different products, it’s hard to decipher which is REALLY the best. Well look no further, babes because I found it. If you want bright, hydrated, soft skin, Beauty Counter has the answer. Their line of skincare products is seriously amazing. Every single ingredient used in their products are all carefully chosen and assessed for safety. But their facial masks really sold me.
The beauty band has 3 different face masks that target different facial needs: brightening, plumping, and balancing. What I love both about this line is the versatility of the product usage. Read below to find out why 😉
Beauty Counter-Fashionaholic

No. 1 Brightening + Vitamin C Facial Mask

This nutrient-rich mask instantly gives skin a brighter look and more even-toned complexion. Polishing kaolin clay deeply cleanses, leaving skin revitalized and renewed, while vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. // Shop HERE!
Good for: dull + uneven skin

No. 2 Plumping + Peony Facial Mask

Made with deeply cleansing kaolin clay, this nutrient-rich mask instantly gives skin a firm, toned look and more youthful appearance. Plumping peony root helps restore skin’s elasticity, while konjac root smooths the appearance of fine lines. // Shop HERE!
Good for: dry + tired skin

No. 3 Balancing + Charcoal Facial Mask

This nutrient-rich kaolin clay mask purifies and balances, absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities. Activated charcoal minimizes the appearance of pores, giving skin a smooth, refined appearance while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation. Perfect for all skin types and those concerned with congestion and oily skin. // Shop HERE!
Good for: oily + acne-prone skin
If you are looking for better skin, then Beauty Counter is your answer. Let’s care about our skincare.
What’s your favorite face mask?!

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