My In-Flight Skincare Regimen

I feel like I’ve been traveling all over the place lately! Now I am definitely not complaining about that, but it has inspired me to up my in-flight beauty game. Once I had kids, I developed a newfound devotion to my skin. I’m not sure if it was the feeling of getting older, the noticeable aging from sleepless nights, or seeing my perfect babies’ flawless skin. Regardless, skincare is something I am very passionate about.
For those of you who don’t know – flying is one of the top ways to age your skin. Two things moms usually don’t like hearing: aging and flying. But it is so important to stay diligent with your skincare regimen – even if you’re 36,000 feet in the air.
So I’ve rounded up my tried and true in-flight skincare and beauty tips for your next vacay. All products are travel-size and fit perfectly in your carry-on. Buckle up Jetsetters!

The Perfect Pouch

Once I get the kids settled in – which most mamas know, can take a LONG time – I like to refresh myself ASAP. As soon as the plane prepares for take off, I pull out my bag of goodies! I love carrying this LV Toiletry Pouch, I swear it fits just about anything.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare LV Pouch


The first thing I always do is remove any makeup on my skin to avoid breakouts. The wipes I have been loving recently are these ones from Ole Henriksen. They smell incredible and leave my skin so fresh + soft.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare Ole Henricksen Cleansing Cloths


Since I usually don’t like the oil leftover from cleansing wipes, I usually use the airplane restroom just to really cleanse my skin. Right now I’m obsessing over this travel-size Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh. It’s great for sensitive skin and whisks away any leftover dirt you may have.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare fresh soy facial cleanser


This is where the pampering part begins! I never get on a flight without some type of sheet mask. The product I purchase time and time again, is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This thing is so soft and luxurious, I leave it on for as long as I can to give my skin that extra boost before landing.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare ski-ii facial treatment mask

Pamper pt. 2

If you aren’t comfortable looking a little scary with your sheet mask on (lol!), opt for these Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks. Airplanes also tend to leave your whole body feeling a little puffy since your body is trying to retain water. These eye masks definitely help combat puffiness and come in handy if your tired eyes need brightening. Throw on your sunglasses and no one will know!
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks


I am sure you all are very aware that airplanes dry out our skin like no other! It is VITAL to keep it hydrated. My facial moisturizer of the moment is Hydrating Floral Essence by Tata Harper. It is seriously my favorite product. Not only does it double as a toner, but it also helps to increase elasticity in the skin, tighten it up, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Basically it’s a miracle product.
Janet Mandell of Fashionaholic In-Flight Skincare Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Prepare For Landing

Depending on how long your flight is to your destination, it could potentially be time for landing! I usually prefer to have a little makeup on when I get off my flight so I’m ready for the day. I like to apply makeup that doubles as skincare, or is very lightweight and still delivers coverage. Concealer, a little highlighting powder, bronzer, and light mascara are good enough for me!
There you have it, my in-flight skincare tips that will leave you glowing once you step foot off the plane. Happy + safe travels, babes!

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