My Take On The Infamous Korean Facial


There are few beauty products I try and instantly love. For full results, you have to ‘apply every night before bed and glob sticky lotions on your face while praying you wake up with the baby soft skin of your former 20-something-self. And most times my hopes are promptly shattered when I find another wrinkle stamped across my forehead. Basically, I’ve been waiting for the Big Foot of beauty: an ancient anti-aging myth that restores youth in approximately 30 minutes (goes best with a glass of wine).
So imagine my excitement when a product finally filled this tall order in the form of a KOREAN face mask. I have 5 words for you: Hanacure All-In-One Facial. When A-List celebs like Drew Barrymore and January Jones are raving about a product, you better believe I’m trying it.

The Korean Facial

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Hanacure’s miracle mask was inspired by the lotus flower blossoming anew each day. Hanacure created a facial mask that will do the same for your skin. I am going back to my roots with this mask, babes. The All-In-One Facial is equipped with a patented CO2 OctoLift from South Korea. I’m not exactly sure what this means, but I see lift and that’s all that matters. Other ingredients include oriental raisin tree extract, green tea extract, honeysuckle flower extract, rosa canina fruit oil, and more lovely botanics.
Let me tell you, this facial does it all. With innovative age-defying technology this mask will remove impurities and make your face look firm and toned, younger and radiant! What I love about this product is that you can literally see results in the mirror in real time. Big Foot is REAL, people.
The Hanacure set contains 1 ml lifting serum ampoule, 6ml gelling pack, brush, and it will provide you with a single use application. At $29.00 this is a convincing price, allowing you to try out the mask and see how this product works for your skin. Once you fall in love you can purchase the full set, which gives you four uses for $110.00.

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As Hanacure’s mask sets and dries on your skin it dries and cracks making your skin look zombie-esque, but when you wash it off you wash off all the dead skin with it. After all of the rave reviews and the before and after photos on Hanacure’s Instagram page I am anxious to try this out!
Updates to come, babes! Have a great week!

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