The Snuggle Is Real: My Favorite Throws

They say the heart of a home is in the details. From family heirlooms and finger painted masterpieces to bold wallpapers and coffee table books, the little things are what make a house a home. However, I think one of my favorite home decor accents is one that often goes unnoticed: throws. By adding a throw to a room, you instantly up the coziness factor. There is just something about a soft blanket that makes you want to curl up on the sofa forever.
Maybe my sudden obsession with throws is due to the weather or maybe it’s because I want to hide under one until tomorrow at 5pm. Regardless – I’m very much okay with it. The added layer of texture or pattern a throw blanket offers makes it a perfect design addition to just about any room. We’re in for a long winter and the snuggle is seriously real. So I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favorite throws to get you through the season!

My Favorite Throws

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XO, Janet

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