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Lately, I’ve had this thing for picnics. Truthfully, my love for picnics started at a young age after I first watched The Sound of Music. If you haven’t seen this Hollywood classic, then you simply didn’t have a childhood and/or have no heart. Let me paint the scene: the Von Trapp children frolicking around vintage wicker baskets and checkered blankets on a stunning Austrian meadow hilltop. Literally the OG Insta-worthy picnic squad. They even color coordinated with their matching jumpers – somehow they made jacquard drapes look so fabulous.
To fulfill one of my lifelong dreams, my girl Tali Kogan of Tel Aviv Couture, and I took it upon ourselves to host a 4th of July Boho Picnic Bash for our family and friends. We might not have been singing Do Re Mi in the Werfen Picnic Meadow, but it was close enough! At first, cultivating the perfect picturesque picnic seemed more pricey than anything else. However – it ended up being the exact opposite. We found EVERYTHING at Home Goods or World Market! Like literally, everything. (I think World Market is my new obsession.) So being the pro picnic host I am now, I wanted to share a little tutorial on how to style your dream picnic for the clique!

How To Style An Insta-Worthy Picnic

1. Patchwork Blanket
Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up! The blanket you choose will be the the backdrop to any fabulous flat lays you’ll be taking. It will really set the stage for your whole vibe. Once we found this collection of patchwork blankets from World Market, we knew exactly how we wanted our picnic to look.
Pro Tip: Worried about getting grass stains and dirt on your blanket? Line it with a thin sheet of tarp! Just lay it on the ground, throw the blanket on top, and you’ve got yourself a blank canvas for a picnic masterpiece.

2. Pillows
Let’s be honest, the ground isn’t usually the most comfortable place to sit. While the blanket will add a little extra padding, we need to take it a step further to ensure ultimate relaxation: pillows! Honestly, I’m obsessed with throw pillows right now. They introduce new textures and pops of color, while making any space a little cozier. Plus, it’s more cushion for the pushin’. World Market and Home Goods are gold mines when it comes to pillow shopping. But I also linked some other gorgeous boho pillows I found from Anthropologie and Target! Just scatter these babies on the edges of the blanket – they’ll be moved soon anyway.
Pro Tip: Stay away from light colors! Kids + white + food + muddy parks = goodbye clean pillows. Opt for bold patterns, brighter  colors and darker shades.

3. Cheese Boards, Serving Trays, and Baskets
Assuming you’ll be serving finger foods and boozy drinks to your guests (more on this later), you’ll need some things to lay it all out on. Luckily, the easiest way to incorporate color and texture to any spread is through food display. Rather than use the basic tupperware container, add a little more body to your spread. Utilize baskets, large serving trays, and (my favorite) cheese boards. Cheese boards are a randomly huge trend right now, but I love it. If I had my way, I would have laid a huge cheese board in the middle of our blanket and just covered it in colorful fruits, fresh cheeses, meats, spreads, nuts, etc.
Pro Tip: Make sure to use a healthy mix of different shapes, colors, and styles when it comes to the food display. We used a round tin serving tray, square cheese board, and rectangular baskets.

4. Picnic Basket
And of course, the most vital component of your picnic: the picnic basket! This is probably the most basic item and you really can’t have a picnic without this. It is important your picnic basket is big enough to fit all the yummy food you wish to bring and the dining utensils you wish to use. The picnic basket adds a nostalgic touch to the overall ambiance of your picnic

5.  Finger Foods + Boozy Drinks
When it comes to the food, keep it simple! Think finger foods and easy to-go snacks: fruit skewers, finger sandwiches, parfaits, cheese and crackers, cookies, hummus, etc.
Pro Tip: If you really want to wow your guests, pick up some delicious bites from your local cafe! We ordered a majority of our spread from Sugar Hills Bakery & Cafe and it was the best decision EVER. Gourmet sandwiches, power bowls, organic muffins, mini tarts, and other yummy deliciousness.

Video by: Madeline Doherty

Photos by: Brian Ho

How would you style your picnic? Tag me in your pictures (@fashionaholik) on Instagram! ♥

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