The Spa at JW Marriott Chicago

As a woman, going to a luxurious spa is wonderful. As a mother, spending even an hour at a spa is what we imagine pure and unadulterated bliss to feel like. While being a mom is one of life’s greatest joys, between car pools, playdates, and errands, it’s hard to find a little ‘me time.’ So when Gilt City offered me a complimentary massage service at the newly renovated JW Marriott Chicago, I didn’t think twice. After a $396-million-dollar renovation, the luxurious wellness center is simply magical.
When I arrived at the spa, I was welcomed by a tranquil lobby with fresh white hydrangeas, smooth stones, lush chairs, and a calming aroma. But that didn’t compare to the massage itself. The highly skilled masseuse was able to customize a relaxing and healing experience. After almost an hour of sublime rest and relaxation, not only did my body feel uncharacteristically (and pleasantly) limber, but my usual buzzing brain was serene.
Before leaving, I stopped at the retail boutique to take a peek at the vast selection of the best skin care and body care. Any spa-goer could get lost in this mini paradise trying to decide which products they should experience at home.
I walked out of the Spa at JW Marriott Chicago feeling a little lighter on my feet. To all my Fellow-Moms out there – we all deserve a little me time! Next time you need to de-stress, spoil yourself and head to JW Marriott!

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