Vanity Diaries: 4 Tips For A Crystal Clear Complexion

As women, we have a very fickle¬†relationship with our skin. One minute our skin is flawless and we feel like we actually #WokeUpLikeThis. And the next we feel like a pubescent teenager refusing to leave the house without a painted on face. Even the girls who only get one zit every 3 years understand the dreaded blemish battle. SMH guys seriously don’t understand how easy they have it.
Whenever that time of the month rolls around, we’re basically screwed. We are constantly experimenting with allegedly “life-changing” treatments and ‘celebrity-approved’ products, usually ending in more breakouts. My issue has always been my combination of oily skin and small pores, burying dirt under the skin (um EW).
But more often than not, the answer to a clearer complexion is in our day to day routine. Think of the dirt and pathogens floating around. Took the subway to work? Don’t you dare touch your face. Our skin is subject to bacteria everyday. But there are ways to prevent the dreaded break out. I’ve rounded up my favorite skincare tips for a clearer complexion. Don’t believe me, just wash ūüėČ

1. Wash makeup brushes at least once a week

Thoroughly washing your makeup brushes at least once a week is SO important. The longer you go without properly cleaning your utensils, the more dirt builds up. And then when you use those dirty brushes to apply your makeup, you are only spreading the bacteria even more. Less bacteria = less breakouts. Simple as that. Thanks to Cosmopolitan, I’ve found the absolute best ways to clean my brushes.

(Pro tip: keep your makeup brushes and actual makeup products in separate bags)

2. Avoid oils

Oil cleansers are a HUGE trend right now, but if you’re prone to oily skin and breakouts I would suggest avoiding these babies. Despite their¬†undoubtedly moisturizing¬†after-affects, oils¬†have¬†a knack for clogging pores. There are products that get the job done perfectly without making you break out.
(Pro tip: only use body products on your body. Especially lotions)

3. Keep your hands to yourself

Think of the bacteria people. Avoid touching your face at all costs and always have hand sanitizer on you. And this means wiping down your phone before you plan to make a call. You’re tapping away on your phone all day long. Do yourself a favor and at least wash off the bacteria!

4. Style your hair before applying makeup

Hair products can wreak some serious havoc on our complexion. Not to mention – the heat and air from your dryer can blow styling products from your strands to your face. Hair product can clog your pores and cause break outs. That’s why it’s always smart to style your hair first and then take a makeup wipe to your face before applying makeup!

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