Vanity Diaries: Must-Have Korean Beauty Products

I’ll never forget when my Korean mother sat me down to talk about beauty. The advice she gave me definitely wasn’t what my girlfriends were doing, but to this day I live by what she said. Which is why I am so excited that Korean beauty philosophies and products are some of the biggest trends in skincare right now. From our beloved sheet masks to the essential BB cream, Korean skincare is where it’s at.
The Korean beauty industry continues to evolve in innovation. However, these “new” standout products featured in the U.S., are based on traditional values in beauty. We make it known that the Korean culture covet’s #flawless skin. Korean beauty prides itself on straying away from harsh chemicals. These products are packed with unique, natural ingredients that are results oriented for long term skin health!
Photo Courtesy of Chriselle Lim
Korean girls focus on a strict skincare regime in order to achieve flawless, dewy skin and bright, youthful eyes. The 3 key elements that are a no-brainer in a Korean girl’s night time routine is; Step 1: Toner, Step 2: Serum and Step 3:  Moisturizer. (In that order!) These products balance our skin’s ph level, reinvigorate it with vitamins, nutrients and aid in brightening and tightening. Lastly, it ensures the skin is hydrated and supple.
Once you have the 3 step routine down, it is time to integrate staple Korean products such as sheet masks, sleeping masks, anti-aging/ collagen creams, and makeup that lets your skin breathe rather than clog pores. Shop below for some of my favorite Korean Beauty Products!

My Fave Products!

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