Arm Workout | SWEAT SERIES Ep. 1

The next video in the Fashion-a-holic SWEAT SERIES is officially live on my Youtube Channel and you know what that means: it’s grind time! This week’s video is all about the arm workout.
If you watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris last night with a pepperoni pizza, then we’re in the same boat. After scolding myself  for eating 6 slices too many, I decided to turn my guilt into determination. The VS Angels work their perfect butts off to get those wings and if they can do it, then so can I. Watching those girls is all the motivation I needed.
But you gotta start somewhere. This week’s SWEAT SERIES video focuses solely on arms. For me, arms are one of the most important areas to tone and also one of the hardest. Check out my video for some arm exercises and work out tips!

Sweat Series: Arm Workout

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