Zara Black Leather Outfit

It is all in the details and for me it is the Zara black leather that makes this outfit. If you read my blog you know I am a fan of color, but sometimes you have to rock the dark-tones. Especially in the winter! Speaking of winter, Chicago recently experienced one of their first winter snowfalls (which felt more like a blizzard). This is the time to turn to the darker side of the closet. Catch my Star Wars reference there?
This ALL Zara inspired outfit started from the top, and worked its way down. Starting with this beautiful soft grey sweater. Who doesn’t love an oversized knit chunky sweater after indulge in WAY too much food over the holiday weekend? Well, I sure do! This soft knit grey turtleneck sweater was worn with this amazing black leather Zara Biker Jacket. I love the edgy details of the silver belt, zippers and stitching on the sleeve. Did I mention this leather jacket is currently on sale?! It is a jacket you can wear with anything! Threw on my go-to black Zara denim pants and for the occasion dressed this look up with these amazing lace up heels (again, from Zara).
1-11 Zara 5-6 3-11
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