Style Guide To Fall Ankle Boots


Boots are to fall as Givenchy furry slides are to summer: absolutely essential. Last year, the fall shoe trend was championed by none other than the fabulous Over The Knee. Luckily if you invested in a pair of these thigh hugging boots, they’re just as prevalent this year along side some new contenders.
It’s safe to say the designers were not afraid to get creative this year. From ankle boots to bold patterns, this season is all about making a statement. As I am a firm believer in that one can never have too many shoes, I’m using this as an opportunity to step up my shoe game. And you should too!

5 Fall Ankle Boots You Need

Mod White

Forget whoever told you to never wear white after Labor Day, because baby white is in. Chic mod leather boots are IT for the season.


Sock Boots

There are some trends that are just inescapable and this year it’s sock boots. You can thank Balenciaga for this one. You can bet that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Especially if the Jenner’s are wearing them.



Whether it’s a chunky hiker-esque heel, rebel combat boot, or embroidered beauty, it seems anything with laces is the for this year’s street style shoes. And honestly, I’m into it.


Bold Retro

Like they say, what’s old is always new. Fashion is bringing back the 60s with funky ankle boots in just about every color, pattern, and material under the sun. But especially in red. 😉


Shimmer Baby

Sparkles. That’s all you need to know.

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